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The CBA programme organizes a practitioner talk series where experts from the industries and academia share their knowledge on different topics related to data and business and how various industries they come from are being affected by data science.
The talk series serves as a communication tool with the goal to help young growing minds at Frankfurt School understand better the world of data science and its enormous application in many business environments. It is also a learning platform benefiting anyone interested in this field, but first and foremost helping our student groups to sharpen the focus on specific future jobs they will pursue and help them centre their attention on the specific passion that will lead them throughout their programme journey. Furthermore, as we grow our practitioner talk series, it will become a place of local and international data and computational science ecosystem able to provide networking and scientific exchanges for both businesses and individuals.

Our audience next to CBA Bachelor students includes Master students of Data Science programmes, FS Data Science initiative, faculty members of different departments and experts from the outside interested in our talks and speakers.

We are happy to welcome companies and professional individuals coming from the industries or academia to share their stories with us.

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Our speakers from Spring Practitioner Series 2021
  • Dr. Heike Dengler - UBS Frankfurt - CFA Head Market Conformity Check - Machine Learning Applications in Financial Services.
  • Vahe Andonians - Lecturer and Practitioner, Partner alongside Moody's Analytics.
  • Dr. Ryuta Yoshimatsu & Inna Grijnevitch- D ONE Zürich
  • Dr. Yao Yang - Data Data Scientist - Infineon Technologies Munich
  • Dr. Sergio Solorzano - Senior Scientist/Software Engineer - EXEON Smart Cyber Security
  • John C. Lokman -  Communication and information specialist

Our speakers for the Fall Practitioner Series 2021, will be announced soon.

Past events

12 June 2021
Lucas Böttcher and Jan Nagler

Overall Topic:
Introduction to the physical description of social systems including discussion in the context of a weekend seminar of the jDPG.

28 May 2021

The MIDAS Webinar Series features research by MIDAS members, and is open to the public.

4 May 2021

Professor Lucas Böttcher, Professor of Computational Social Science at Frankfurt School

26 May 2021
John C. Lokman - Communication and information visualization specialist


7-10 July 2019

Ninth Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic


2 October 2018

The Future of Work. The Digital Revolution and Its Consequences,
Kick-Off Impulse & Panel Discussion


27 September 2018

Keynote Speech & Discussion with Prof. Gregory Wheeler


18 June 2018

The Third Wave of Artificial Intelligence is game changing.