Jobs / Funding

An overview of different funding opportunities for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates is provided by the DAAD.

If you are interested in pursuing your doctoral studies at Frankfurt School, please directly apply for one of of our doctoral scholarships.

No postdoc position are currently available. Candidates who are interested in working with our research groups may apply for one of the following programs that provide funding for postdoctoral researchers at different career stages:

- Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships
- DFG Walter Benjamin Program
- DFG Research Fellowships
- Humboldt Research Fellowships
- Humboldt Georg Forster Research Fellowship
- Leopoldina Postdoctoral Fellowships (Austria or Switzerland)
- DAAD Prime Postdoc Fellowships
- SNF Postdoc Mobility Fellowships (Switzerland)
- Schrödinger Postdoctoral Fellowships (Austria)
- Rubicon Postdoctoral Fellowships (Netherlands)
- Minerva Fellowships (Israel)

There also exist additional funding possibilities for doctoral students:

- Institutions of Higher Education in Hesse: Doctoral Scholarships
- StipendiumPlus
- DAAD Research Grants
- Chinese Scholarship Council Doctoral Scholarships (China)