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    Maria D'Orsogna - Saving Abruzzo (Sep 22, 2021 03:00 PM)
    In 2007, Dr. Maria D’Orsogna learned of proposed oil activities in her home region of Abruzzo, Italy. Century-old wineries were to be uprooted to build clusters of oil wells, refineries, and pipelines, turning scenic Abruzzo into an oil district. Although based in California - 6,000 miles away - Dr. D’Orsogna took it upon herself to raise awareness and educate the public at large. She blended her scientific training, her experience as a professor, and her strong desire for social justice into an environmental movement that rapidly spread from Abruzzo across the country.
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  • jan-schoenmakers.1024×1024
    Jan Schoenmakers - Hase&Igel (Sep 8, 2021 04:00 PM)
    Using the force of secondary data: what the traces we leave behind tell about ourselves in the marketplace & beyond. With every interaction with digital interfaces of all kinds (smartphone, smart home, PC, etc.) we leave behind traces of data. At the same time, the „sensorification“ of the world makes everything around us more measurable than ever before – weather, soil, traffic, air quality, building structure and so on.
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